Five Tips for Finding the Right Massage Therapist in Torrance, CA for Your Needs

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Getting a professional massage can do wonders for your body and mind—but only if you choose the right kind of massage. Let’s say you tried a massage once. What you thought you were getting was a gentle massage to help your muscles relax. Instead, you scheduled a one-hour session for an elbow-digging, deep tissue massage that resulted in days of lingering pain. This is the opposite of what a relaxing massage should be! Check out the following tips, so the next time around you’ll go home feeling fantastic.

Is a massage on your list of things to do? If so, here are some helpful tips for finding the right massage therapist in Torrance, CA:

  • Know what you need: Since what you are looking for in a massage will be different from someone else’s needs, it’s best to know what you expect when visiting a massage specialist. It’s a good idea to write down which areas of your body need massage treatment, like a tense neck, tight shoulders, achy lower back or painful feet, or to note whether you have a medical condition like a pinched nerve.
  • Read up on the types of massages: Some people want a massage for general relaxation, while others may need it to relieve pain. To help you decide the best massage method, it’s important for you to know that there are many massage types available. For example, here at Vimarn Thai Massage, we offer a 30-minute neck, shoulder and back massage, and one hour to 90 minutes for the following: Thai massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, a combination massage, pregnancy massage and a body scrub that includes a massage.
  • Know your massage preferences before hand: Not only should you know what type of massage you want ahead of time, but you should also be aware of preferences like the location of the treatment, the type of environment and whether you need tissue therapy. For instance, while you can go into a spa or physical therapist’s office, some massage therapists will do house calls. Or maybe you are interested in a massage that takes place in a meditative setting surrounded by relaxing music, soothing lighting and calming candles.
  • Do your research: Don’t be in a rush to choose a massage therapist. Before you make a selection, do some research. Check out their website, or contact them directly to ask questions about their experience, license and certificates, specific massage treatments they focus on, healing goals and the number of years they’ve been practicing.
  • Start small: You won’t truly know if a certain massage specialist is right for you until you have a session with them. Start small by scheduling a 30-minute treatment, and if you like the results, book a longer appointment the next time.

Whether you are new to massages or it’s been awhile since your last one, it’s okay to ask a massage therapist in Torrance, CA for their recommendation for the best massage that will benefit your current needs the most—even if you’ve considered the tips mentioned above. Call the experts at Vimarn Thai Massage with questions or to book a massage session today!

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