Swedish vs. Thai Massage: What You Need to Know

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If you are shopping around for a massage style that suits you and your physical needs the best, you may be wondering whether you should select a massage parlor that offer Swedish or Thai style massages. These two very distinctive massage types each offer their own unique benefits that should be analyzed and weighed with what you are hoping to gain out of your massage experience. Selecting a massage parlor that offers both Swedish and Thai massage in Torrance, CA can be an excellent way to experience the best of both worlds and identify which method is right for you.

Thai massage

Also known as the “lazy yoga,” Thai massage in Torrance, CA is actually a modern iteration of an ancient relaxation method. Here are just some of the defining characteristics of Thai massage:

  • Less equipment: Rather than taking place on a typical massage table, Thai massage in Torrance, CA is conducted on a floor mat. This allows the massage therapist to more easily access your entire body.
  • Lots of stretching: During Thai massage, there are long periods of stretching and flexing. This is to help loosen the muscles and release toxins. This peculiar practice is why Thai massage is sometimes known as “lazy yoga”!
  • Full-body contact: Thai massage in Torrance, CA is almost always a contact sport! Your massage therapist may use their feet and legs to leverage pressure over your entire body, rather than a single pressure point or stressed muscle.

Thai massage is an excellent solution for people who are looking to reduce stress, improve balance and address back pain.

Swedish massage

Known as a “classical” massage in many Western countries, the Swedish massage is a more traditional yet equally effective route toward relaxation. Here are some of the traits that make a Swedish massage unique:

  • Oils and lotions: Massage therapists conducting a Swedish massage will use essential oils or lotions during the massage to help you relax and avoid pulling on your skin.
  • Chair or table: Swedish massages almost always take place in a massage table or chair. This allows the massage therapist to more easily access and exert pressure on certain points.
  • Baring all: Almost all Swedish massages are conducted while the client is naked. This necessitates a certain level of privacy, and may make some patients uncomfortable.

Swedish massages are known for their ability to reduce back pain for extended periods of time, and are serious responses to a number of medical concerns.

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