Thai Massage in Torrance, CA

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Traditional Thai massage is an ancient form of therapeutic healing first practiced in India, where it was brought to Thailand by Ayurvedic doctors and Buddhist monks. For centuries, Thai masters have perfected deep and penetrating oil-free massage techniques that are famous for easing muscle pain by stimulating correct energy flow, or for unblocking tension by combining gentle stretching movements, acupressure and applied Yoga movements. This invigorating massage can target specific areas if needed.

Vimarn Thai Massage specializes in Thai massage in Torrance, CA, delivering relief and relaxation to clients with tightness, tension or pain. Unlike a Swedish massage that involves deliberate kneading and rubbing, Thai massage focuses more on the repositioning of the body, moving it back to a “center” or homeostasis. The body is pulled and rocked gently and purposefully, delivering relief to affected areas.

Who Benefits From Thai Massage?

Thai massage is best administered to people with nagging, chronic discomfort. An ache in your shoulder that persists or tension in your lower back that makes it difficult to sit still—these may be addressed by Thai massage. Through manipulation of affected areas, a masseuse may be able to ease stress, restore blood flow and adjust posture.

Schedule Your Session

Thai massage typically requires a 60- or 90-minute session to deliver relief. Vimarn Thai Massage schedules sessions at either length, to ensure you’re getting the appropriate attention. Our massage spa in Torrance, CA welcomes appointments and walk-ins at our three locations. Just ask about Thai massage and we’ll help you understand the modality, so our masseuses can deliver an excellent massage!

For more information about Thai massage or to schedule your appointment with us today, please call 424-250-9143. Please remember to wear baggier, looser clothing to a Thai massage appointment, as you will remain clothed throughout the session.

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