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During pregnancy, your body experiences many changes. There are the obvious changes you’re taught to expect, but then there are the less obvious changes. Because the very shape of your body is changing dramatically and quickly, your points of muscular tension also change quite rapidly. Because of this, you get tension, stress and cramps in places in your body you’ve never had them before. New places in your shoulders, back and legs hurt from both the additional weight you carry and the shifting of the muscular support systems that occurs from the change in your body shape.

Because of this, pregnancy or prenatal massage should be considered a crucial part of staying healthy and happy during your pregnancy. If you would like to experience the benefits of pregnancy massage in Torrance, CA for your muscles, uterine system and emotional wellbeing, but would like to know more about prenatal massage before you make any decisions, this FAQ guide is for you.

Is the massage done facedown?

We’re often asked if prenatal massages are given facedown on a special table with a cutout for a pregnant belly, but really, it’s not recommended for women to spend much time facedown after the first trimester, as this can significantly strain the uterine ligaments. Therefore, massages for women after the first trimester are given in a lying, reclined or side position.

Do you massage my belly?

Not until the third trimester. Before the third trimester, we do not massage the belly, just out of caution for the growing baby. During the third trimester, though, it’s safe to massage the belly, and we use a variety of techniques proven to support uterine health, in addition to the rest of our pregnancy massage techniques.

Is the massage safe?

If your doctor has told you that your pregnancy is “high risk,” it might be best to avoid pregnancy massage. Give us a call if you’d like to ask us specifically what sort of issues we would consider “high risk.”

What are the benefits of the massage?

The key benefits are stress reduction and increased relaxation, but you may also experience a lowered risk of fewer blood clots. Pregnancy massage in Torrance, CA also prevents the increase in blood pressure common in some pregnancies. It alleviates the pain and stress on your muscular system. Additionally, pregnancy massage is associated with a lower rate of premature birth.

How often should I get a massage?

The massage is far more necessary later in your pregnancy, when the stress of the pregnancy begins to affect your deeper tissues. We recommend getting a massage once a month in the first trimester, and twice a month come the latter two trimesters. This will help improve your daily quality of life significantly.

What kind of specialized training is required to give pregnancy massages?

There is a variety of proven ancient pregnancy massage techniques, as well as newer massage techniques based on the latest understanding of modern medicine. Our certified massage therapists have been trained in these arts, and together have over 25 years of experience, so you can rest because they know exactly what they’re doing.

Schedule pregnancy massage in Torrance, CA

If you’re pregnant and are wondering whether pregnancy massage is right for you, give us a call today at Vimarn Thai Massage. We’ve been serving the Torrance, CA area since 2009. We offer massages ranging from 30-minute neck massages to 6-hour deluxe massages, and we have a large staff and multiple locations, so we can almost always accommodate new appointments and even walk-ins. Give us a call today or drop by one of our locations, and ask about our pregnancy massage service!

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